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Conference/Symposium/Workshop Presentation Entry Screen

Enter information about a presentation you gave as part of a larger conference, symposium or workshop. For example, let's say you presented at a conference sponsored by another Knight ADRC. You would enter information on both the conference and your own particular presentation in the boxes below.  

If you gave more than one presentation at the same conference, please submit this form twice with the appropriate changes. The easiest way to do this is use the back key on your browser after you submit the first presentation. The information you entered should still be preserved and then you can edit it for the second submission. This also holds true for events that included more than one of our faculty members. 

Important fields are in RED. Leave blank those fields that do not apply or for which information is not available.  Contact Tom Meuser, Education Director, if you have questions.

Type of Event: 

Title of Conference/Event:

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Regarding the individual presentation:

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Duration of Presentation (in hours):  (e.g., 1.25 hours)

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African American       (% of total audience)

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Other Health Profession         

Did this event meet its educational and/or outreach goals?

Were evaluation forms distributed?    

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You are limited to 255 characters in this box. Feel free to use abbreviations. If you have more to say, e-mail your comments with a reference to this enter to Tom Meuser, Education Director.