Knight ADRC Education Core Database
WU Course Presentation Entry Screen

Enter information here on a dementia-related course or lecture that was part of a larger course. For example, maybe you taught a course to undergrads on neuroscience topics and one session focused on Alzheimer's Disease. This specific lecture would be appropriate to enter here. If you taught a whole course on dementia, then you only need report course information below (leaving out specific lecture topics).  

Please fill in the requested information below. Fields in RED are the most important. Leave blank those fields that do not apply or for which information is not available.

Last Name of Course Master:       Course Master's Department: 

WU Course Number: 

Title of Course: 
                             (e.g., Introduction to Neuroscience, First Year Selective on AD)

Dates of Course:          Student Type: 
                                 (e.g., 2/27 - 3/30/01)                                                              (e.g., 1st Year Med Student)

Individual Course Lecture on Dementia-Related Topic:

Last Name of Lecture Presenter:  (e.g., Morris)

Date of  Presentation: (e.g., 4/2/01)

Title of Presentation: 
                                      (e.g., Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease)

Duration of Presentation (in hours): 

Approximate Number in Attendance: 

You are limited to 255 characters in this box. Feel free to use abbreviations. If you have more to say, e-mail your comments with a reference to this enter to Tom Meuser, Education Director.