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Media Interview Entry Screen

Any media interview related to Alzheimer's Disease or another form of dementia  would be appropriate for entry on this page. Please fill in the requested information below. Leave blank those fields that do not apply or for which information is not available. Minimum fields to fill out are in RED.

Last Name of Interviewee:  (e.g., Morris)

Date of Interview:

Name of Interviewer:

Media Company or Group: (e.g., CBS Health Watch)

Media Type:        If internet-based, what is the website?

If broadcast media, are multiple airings planned? Yes  No  Unsure

Approximately when will the interview be aired or posted? (Month, Year)

Topic of Interview:
                                     (e.g., recent advances in early detection of AD)

If TV or radio, what is the length of broadcast? (in minutes)            

Estimated Audience Size: (if known)       Audience Type:

You are limited to 255 characters in this box. Feel free to use abbreviations. If you have more to say, e-mail your comments with a reference to this enter to Tom Meuser, Education Director.